Draco (draconis) wrote,


I just saw Avatar. It's a decent flick. It's pretty. It made me tingle in the right places. 3D was okay.

More importantly, it did something that films don't seem to do for me much anymore - it let me put aside my cynicism. I actually managed to watch it and feel some things I've not felt in a long while. Dragonish, flying things, beastly things, alien things. Despite a mediocre and predictable story that didn't teach me anything really new, it let me think of things that have been on the back burner.

Things I don't feel enough anymore. Things I regret not feeling enough of. Things that give my life shape and texture and brilliance and wonder.

Not to say that I don't have other things in my life that do this - I've discovered plenty of them over the past few years. But..

I've lived as a normal human being for a bit too long. I don't want to lose sight of something I've had since my childhood that let me be more that. It would be truly shameful.
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